I am icelanddic artist living in reykjavik this page is my art https://dadilisto.blog/
art, icelandic art, painting


3. ferðaþrá.
A desire to travel. 2015 Oil on canvas. 90×110 cm. Ikr: 225000,-


6. Þrjár sólir. 70x115
Three suns. Oil on canvas. 2015 70×115.2016  Ikr:160000.-

Bros í vorinu 40x65
Smiling in the springtime. 40×65 cm 2015. Ikr:150000.-


7. Fjall með rætur. Mountain with roots.65x45
Mountain with roots. Oil on canvas. 65×45 cm, 2016. Ikr:150000.-


18. Brosandi mandala. 35x40

Smiling mandala. 35×40 cm Oil on canvas 2015.


Hvalur á sjó. 35x25 cm
Whale at sea. 35×25 cm. Oil on canvas. 2016. Irk: 70000.-


Lífsins tré. The tree of life. 40x50 cm.jpg
The tree of life. 50X40 cm. 2016. Ikr: 130000.-


Vor bros. 50x50 cm.jpg
Spring smile. 50×50 cm.Olía on canvas.  Ikr: 150000.-


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